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Start Here – Sporting Injuries

Dr Shane Mezger has over 17 years of corrective chiropractic experience in helping people suffering from sporting injuries. Patients from Bussleton, Broadwater, Vasse, Geographe, Bovell, and surrounds are offered fast relief through Dr Shane’s effective chiropractic-based treatment of sporting injuries.

“If you are unsure whether or not Chiropractic Care may be able to help you with your specific complaint, then I suggest you watch this short 5 minute video.” 

Dr Shane Mezger (Clinic Director at The Posture Doctor)

I hope that you can now see that a healthy spine and nervous system is the FOUNDATION to all health and healing. If you suspect that you have SUBLUXATION in your spine, then Chiropractic Care might just be what you have been looking for. 

You have 2 Choices!

If you live in Busselton then I recommend that you book an In Office Assessment with  Dr Shane Mezger. 

Alternatively, if you live “out of town” or “Internationally” we would recommend book an Online Consultation.