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Regular Chiropractic Care has shown to help a person maintain a healthy spine and nervous system. At The Posture Doctor we want all of our practice members to experience the type of Chiropractic care our family has.


Membership System

Our membership system is very popular because it makes true corrective/wellness Chiropractic affordable for everyone. Here’s how it works.

How it works.

It’s super simple: you pay an agreed weekly (or fortnightly) fee and we give you all the Chiropractic care you need.

Key things to note. Your payments are every week (or fortnightly, 3 or 4 weekly etc.) on the same day – they may or may not be on the same day you get adjusted as the payments are for Membership not for Services Rendered.

If you want to cancel, you need to tell us. There is no cancellation fee and no refund.

It is best to RESCHEDULE any appointments you cannot make. If you miss or cancel any appointments, you are wasting your membership and correction of your spine may take longer.

You get a statement each month so you can claim everything back from your health fund. Note that ‘free’ adjustments (those billed at $0) will not show on your statement as it’s just for your health fund. The dates on your statement will match the dates of your visits not the dates of your payment dates.

How you get billed – the Nitty Gritty!

Let’s look at some examples. Say you are paying $60 per week and adjustments are $60. You are having 2 adjustments per week. You membership payment comes out and you now have $60 credit in your account. Now when you come in for your first adjustment you will be billed at $60 and the second at $0 since there is no credit. You make another payment of $60 and so the cycle repeats. You can see that every dollar is accounted for but only half of your adjustments will appear on your insurance statement since you can’t claim for something that is free! That means that if you pay on Monday and get an adjustment on Thursday, your statement will show the $60 adjustment on Thursday. So your insurance statement may not match your bank statement. This is because you can only claim for the date of services rendered regardless of payments dates.

What happens if you miss an adjustment?

It is your responsibility to make up your missed adjustment before the end of your program. If you don’t, you will not be able to claim for that adjustment. Again you can only claim for services rendered regardless of payments. There are also no refunds.

As you can see you get best value if you keep your appointments or at least make them up when you miss them. This is good because this is also how you get the best results from your Chiropractic care!

Some simple policies

If you miss a visit, you should make it up. That is your responsibility. You can reschedule at any time here.

If you will be away for any period of up to two weeks, your payments will not be stopped and you should make up your missed visits before or after your time away.

If you will be away for 2 or more weeks, please email the details and we can put a hold on your payments while you are away. We will also split your program so we still do the same total actual weeks of adjustments.

If at anytime you want to stop your membership, just let us know and we’ll stop it within 7 days. There is never any lock-in – we only want you here because this is where you want to be. See below for details on cancellation.

Membership doesn’t cover any products, only services.


If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time. Just advise us in writing – by email is best forms@posturedoctor.com.au

Please allow up to 7 days for us to process your request.If you have any outstanding membership fees over due at that time, they will be payable.

No refund is payable on membership.

After 3 cancelled membership plans, in a 5-year period, membership will no longer be offered at the discounted rate. The rate will instead be the retail fee.

Similarly, after a membership plan is cancelled, any subsequent programs requiring twice a week for an extended period of time, will require payment for both visits a week, eg. $120 a week instead of $60.

… And that’s about it. It’s very simple to use, easy to manage and affordable. No wonder it’s so popular 

*This policy is subject to change at any time. Please refer to this page for an up-to-date version of our policy at any time.